App guide

This guide with help you to connect your property to the app. Also it explains how to manage profiles.


The first steps are to connect this app with your apaleo-account.

  1. Go to the apaleo Store, select the Profile-Manager-app and choose Connect to PMS
  2. You will be presented with a consent-screen to authorize the app to access your apaleo-account, click "Authorize" there
  3. On the next page, please click "create integrations", this creates new menu-entries for our connector in the apaleo-backend
After the menu entries have been created, all personal profiles are automatically searched for the initialization and linked reservations are counted.
This can take a few minutes, during which you can use all functions. But the number of reservations will not yet be available for all list entries.

Profile list and profile merge

Navigate to Apps > Profile-Manager to get a list of all profiles.

profile list

You can sort the list by columns and filter by a search word.
To merge profiles, choose two or more profiles by clicking the checkboxes in the left column. The button merge records will be clickable.

profile list with choosen profiles

By clicking merge records a modal will be opened.

modal with list

In this modal you select the target profile for merging. Initially this list is sorted by the number of linked Reservations
With merge records you confirm your selection and start the process. The target profile will be kept.

modal with selected profile

Profile details

With ne right arrow you navigate from the list view to the profile details.

form for editing the person

In the upper half, you can edit the Person.

list of linked reservations

In the lower half, you can see a list of linked reservations
In the person column you can navigate to other persons, associated with the reservation.